Friday, October 26, 2007

Well, that's nice to know!

Two nights ago, I left work and dragged myself to the grocery store. It's funny. Before I was trying to eat healthy and make better choices, I loved doing groceries. Now, it's more of a weekly has to be done because we have to eat.

(Let's be honest--I know eating well is hugely important, but our grocery bill was also much cheaper before. And it requires a lot more time when you're reading nutritional labels instead of just tossing stuff in the cart. Hence why now groceries feels like a chore and not a fun outing.)

After about an hour of walking up and down the aisle, I headed to pay and noticed the woman standing in front of me in line--how could I not?

She was decked out in her workout gear. But it was the gear itself that made me smile...a leotard, leg warmers, a headband. It was very Flashdance and I had to take a look around to make sure I hadn't accidentally stepped back into 1982.

Of course it was still 2007 and it was her outfit that was dated, but hey--while it was dated, it was workout gear. Good for her for taking care of herself. She was a little older and as I started loading my groceries onto the belt behind her groceries, I noticed all the healthy things she was buying.

I kept thinking to myself, "Hey, this could be me in 30 good shape, with a cart full of healthy groceries." Because really--despite the neon pink legwarmers, it was clear this woman looked good.

Then she turned around and smiled and there was a moment of recognition on both ends--it was my WW leader!

I took a quick look at my cart, wondering what in there I didn't want her to see and then it hit me...I was proud of everything in the cart. Yogurt, low-fat milk, lean proteins, veggies. Even the few junk food snacks were of the 100-calorie variety. There wasn't a fatty item or a bottle of soda to be found anywhere.

Woo hoo!

We exchanged pleasantries, but as she walked away it popped into my mind. I know that losing weight and getting myself in better shape is a journey with no end point. And this little encounter proved it.

My WW leader obviously still has to work to maintain her weight. And she does. She exercises, she eats healthy foods. She's still working on it. And I'll be working on it all my life too.

I admit--the entire experience left me feeling encouraged. It was clear that my WW leader practices what she preaches. When she stands up there every Saturday morning and shares her story, she's not exaggerating. When she tells us she still exercises, she means it. When she says she indulges responsibly and makes healthier choices, she isn't kidding.

It's nice to know she really has fought the same battle and that even today, she continues fighting. It's a lot more than lip service for some!


Teale said...

This is fantastic! I love running into my WW leader in the "real world" outside of WW, because it is an eye-opener to the fact that they still have to work hard! I love that all WW leaders at one point were where we are, and they now are where we will be.

Heather said...

See I think that is great...we should all shop like someone important would see our cart! glad to know that yours was filled with healthy foods you were proud to buy.

I hear you though..I used to get so excited about the grocery store. now I take longer in the store and my bill is higher. While fresh produce tastes delicious, it is NOT healthy on the wallet sometimes.

It is true what you said..most of us will still have to "Work" to maintain or stabalize our weight, but I think after a certain pt it will just come like 2nd nature.