Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick! Look out your window!

Did you see a pig fly? Are your feet a little chilly?

Because something is seriously up with the universe...get this...for the first time since I started this journey, I lost weight for the third consecutive week.

Not kidding! At my weigh-in this past weekend, I actually lost 1.4 pounds, bringing my total to 32.4 pounds. Three straight weeks of weight loss? Surely, the universe must be turned upside down on its axis. Hades has frozen over. Seriously people--this is a rare moment!

Am I being overdramatic? Sure. But really, I have to be honest--not even when I STARTED this journey did I lose weight 3 weeks in a row. In fact, my second week on WW, I actually GAINED weight. So after two weeks of good losses, when I arrived at my meeting this weekend, I was fully prepared to see the scale go up.

I've accepted this process is going to be a lot slower than I'd hoped. And I've already discovered my body's little pattern when it comes to weight loss--I'll lose for two weeks, then gain the next. Then it's back to losing for two more weeks before the next gain. For the most part, this is what my journey has been like. At first it drove me bananas, but after sharing my frustration with my WW leader (and learning her body did the same), I've just come to accept this is the way it is. My body loves fat and doesn't want to let it go. Got it.

Knowing this, I'd mentally prepared myself for the worst. Even though I'd exercised, eaten well, and done what I was supposed to. Imagine my surprise when I looked up at the scale and saw the loss. I literally giggled. Out loud. Like a little kid.

I left with a spring in my step and then a familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I'm absolutely going to gain weight this week, aren't I? :)


Heather said...

That is wonderful! It is always a great feeling to keep losing. I also have found I have a similar pattern..I am up on Monday but always down on Friday. And every month, when TOM is coming, I am up. Its great that you notice those patterns and can adapt to them.

Lauren said...

well if you do, you can always choose now to live in the past, it's a good place to be sometimes.

Lora said...

Yippee! That's great momentum you've got going! Now don't self-defeat yourself by sayng you'll gain. Maybe this time you'll just stay the same!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

No, the universe knows you're going to Paris and is in alliance with you. :D


The Princess

Teale said...

Isn't it amazing how we hold ourselves a little bit higher & feel so much more confident after a loss on the scale!

Oh_mama said...

That's awesome, ccc! Enjoy it b/c you deserve it! I'm so proud of you! This blog is fantastic and I hope it will be a source of inspiration for you in everything you do in life. <3

Chic Ink Designs said...

No I think the universe is going to help you break a personal record and let you lose 4 weeks in a row! WOOP! So proud of you! Thank you for the blog and the motivation it provides me. I had skipped 2 meetings, but I finally went on Tuesday faced the music (only gained 1 lb) and now I'm back on track. exercising, tracking, eating good healthy food. I feel lighter already!