Monday, July 9, 2007

Lucky? This is supposed to be lucky?

So much for the luckiest day in the century...

Wasn't that what astrologists, psychics, and numerologists dubbed this past Saturday? You know, 7-07-07?

Figuring that was the case, I dragged my carcass to my WW meeting on Saturday despite the cupcake binge, the margaritas and the two parties I'd attended in less than seven days. Hey, if it was the luckiest day of the century, I'd lose some good weight, wouldn't I?

Stepped on the scale and wow...was I impressed. I was down two.


All I could do was laugh as the weigher excitedly said, "Congratulations! You lost this week!

Two ounces is a loss? Oh come on. Let's be honest. I was one bathroom trip from staying at the same weight. Either way though, considering the week I'd had and my fling with cupcake temptation, it wasn't bad. I didn't gain and you know what, maybe there was some luck involved there.

It could have been a lot worse, but it was disappointing. Yes, I know I'd had more sweets and alcohol than I normally have, but I exercised my rear end off. (And yes, I did go exercise on Friday. I was completely unmotivated, I didn't want to be there, and it was a challenge to push myself as hard as I did, but I went...)

You figure with all that exercise, something more than two ounces would have come off. But the weight loss universe doesn't work that way. Sometimes you can work hard and nothing happens. Sometimes you DO pass up the treats and you're disappointed.

After my "loss" this weekend, I've tried to reassess and think about what it's going to take to really get on track...and it's going to take real discipline. Being as meticulous about my eating plan as I was when I started. Weighing everything. Counting everything. Journaling every bite. That's just how this program is going to work.

And I've also decided it's time to revamp my workouts...back to Pilates this week and stepping up the cardio. It may also be time to start working some weights into the routine.


Mimi said...

It's true though, The way the program is designed is the BEST way the program will work... I did two classes of spinning, did not record any of my food intake, I "mentally" kept track of my points and pigged out on Sunday. I gained a freaking 1.8 lbs. :( So I told myself I HAVE TO keep up on the tracking points and stop slacking... :( But you know what? You said it, you did NOT gain which considering you had those sweets is a very GOOD thing :)

Lora said...

I feel like I'm in the same funk you are...getting lax and letting old habits creep in. You keep going and I will too! We can do this - I KNOW we can!

Melissa said...

lol! i sit here calculating my points for dinner. CONGRATS on ANY loss!

aydin said...

I know it's cliche or whatever, but maybe you have an unrealized loss - replacing fat w/muscle. Let's stay positive! :)

Chic Ink Designs said...

hey 2 oz lost is way better than 2 oz. gained!!!


keep up the good work!!!

Yvette said...

Better to have lost than gained!!! You're doing great!!!