Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Am I supposed to get naked to get skinny?

After forcing myself to work out on Friday when I most definitely did not want to, I told myself when I was done that it was time for a treat.

Determined to make sure that treat wasn't sugary or fried, I opted to get some things to make working out a little easier. And since I'm tired of shoving my clothes into The World's Tiniest Gym Bag and because I hate working out in men's t-shirts (many of which are just awful!), I headed to the mall.

No cute, normal-sized gym bags to be found anywhere. And workout gear for women was just plain limited in general...although the helpful clerk at Foot Locker suggested Macy's. Trudge, trudge, trudge across the mall to find an obscure corner of Macy's dedicated to workout gear. Some of which was actually cute.

I grabbed a couple of XL shirts and headed into the changing room. Where I could only laugh. XL? These shirts were XL? In what friggin country? Munchkinland? Lilliput?

Okay, strike one. I headed to Sports Authority next to see if I could get something there.

That wasn't a total failure. I did find a great gym bag which means when I get home from working out, my pre-gym clothes won't be wrinkled into oblivion. And it being Sports Authority and all, there was a ton of workout gear.


Grabbed a couple of XL shirts from Nike. Some UnderArmour. Other random generic brands. With nearly half a dozen shirts tossed over my arm, no doubt I'd be able to find SOMETHING that worked, right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Again, the XL workout shirts were cut for teeny-tiny women who obviously, don't need to be working out. Or those who already achieved teeny-tiny status because they worked out. Whatever.

Strike two.

The whole episode was a repeat of my quest a few months ago to find a new sports bra. (And I thought swimsuit shopping had been depressing! I forgot about the sports bra excursions..shudder!). I just couldn't understand it.

Am I destined to work out in drab men's clothing forever? Am I going to always have to smoosh my boobs into a sports bra that's two sizes too small? Is there any quasi-fashionable workout gear for those of us that don't have supermodel proportions?

If the whole world is telling those of us who are overweight that we need to get off our butts and exercise, you think there would be clothing designed to help us do that, wouldn't you?

Apparently not.

Which brings me to my last-chance option. The mall I visited last week didn't have a Lady Foot Locker. The mall I'm visiting in a few minutes does. Cross your fingers.

I don't think I'm asking for too much, am I? Just a little something pretty to wear when I sweat because, well, if you know me, you know that I try to look pretty as much as possible. Even when I'm glistening with prespiration.

(Although please note: I am not one of those loony women that wears makeup to the gym. But fashionable pony-tail holders and rubber bands? Absolutely!)


Lora said...

Don't you just hate shopping for clothes sometmes! I always come home from the mall depressed....

But hey! At least you're working out - no matter what you're wearing!

Sunny said...

Makeup at the gym? I'm not even one of those women who glisten...I gush rivers...not a pretty site at ALL! LOL Glad I stopped by, love your wit and style.

Chic Ink Designs said...

I smell what you're stepping in sister! Yeah it sucks that Nike keeps telling you to "Just do it" yet they want you to do it in a super tight stretchy shirt. BLAH.

Have you tried old navy? I love their tees and their yoga pants, I buy them in bulk.

and p.s. I'm one of those women who not only wears make-up to the gym, but showers beforehand, LOL. I like to think that at least I can control feeling pretty, especially if I'm gonna be squeezing my ample curves into spandex. Oh, and I wear head to toe black. I once caught a glimpse of myself in gym clothes gray and cried.

Erin said...

I made the mistake of trying on a size 18 Nike swimsuit the other day...apparently 18 meant your waist circumference. I, too, said whatever.

As not-cute as it is, I've had the best luck finding basic, legitimately XL workout clothes at places like Wal-Mart and Target. I usually fill my cart with the styles I like because they're rarely still there when I return, but at least whoever is designing the clothes for their brands understand that women need clothes IN THEIR SIZE in order to get down to the next smaller size.

Great post. I can't wait to catch up on your archives soon!

Mimi said...

Funny you mention this, today I wore a super cute Danskin grey tank top... ummm...as a SPORTS BRA.. yeah my fat little stomach rolls decided to push the fabric up under the boobs and for now a sports bra it is! I have to use hubby's t-shirts still :/

Shannon said...

Wal Mart and Target work great for me, just like Erin mentioned. I also like Old Navy, but you HAVE to try stuff on. They randomly size clothing sometimes so don't trust what the tag says. I also agree with Chic Ink Designs with Old Navy. Lastly, I have found some AWESOME workout clothes on clearance at Lane Bryant. I agree with you, I HATE shopping for swim suits AND clothing. Can you imagine walking in to a store and pulling off a size 12 and KNOW that it will fit??? Oh the dreaming! :-) Good luck!!!

Yvette said...

Hey gorgeous!!!
You might want to try the fabulous Tarjay...they seem to have alot of variety for workout gear...although I'm sure you look fab no matter what you wear (I for the record do wear men's T-shirts and I'm ok with that) :) love ya!!