Friday, April 11, 2008

I want to be Chloe Marshall!

Like most women who are battling their weight, I've found myself at odds on plenty of occasions with beauty pageants, fashion magazines, the fashion industry and the like.

As I've gotten older, while yes, I'm unhappy with my size, I've gained some respect and appreciation for my body and all that it does. But there are still moments when self-loathing creeps in because I can't find a nice dress or because no one makes a nice bathing suit for someone my size.

So imagine my delight when I came across an article about Chloe Marshall, a 17-year old beauty queen from England. Before you roll your eyes, take a look at Ms. Marshall...hardly your typical beauty queen.

She ain't tiny and she ain't blonde. If you look, you'll see--get ready for this--breasts. And curves. And arms bigger than toothpicks.

I'm sure you're stunned. I know I was. She's pretty, she's curvy and she thinks her body is fine just the way it is. And she hopes her entry into the Miss England pageant will show more young women that it's okay to be a normal size.

Hooray for self-esteem!

Of course, once I discovered Chloe's story, I was intrigued to read more. So I googled her name and came up with several hundred blog posts, stories and comments about her. Ouch. Daily Mail columnist Monica Grenfell wrote a scathing editorial on why Chloe Marshall shouldn't win the Miss England pageant.

Here's a little gem from Ms. Grenfell's piece:

"Who on earth does she think she's kidding? What she's demonstrating isn't bravery but a shocking lack of self-control.

Instead of flaunting her figure, Chloe ought to own up to the truth. She is fat and she got that way by over-eating.

I don't take any pleasure in attacking Chloe - after all she's only 17. But I think she has been very badly advised in her bid to champion the cause of bigger girls.

In my view, Chloe is a terrible role model.

I hope she doesn't win the Miss England title.

It would send an appalling - and very dangerous - message to other young women that it's OK to be fat."

Really, Ms. Grenfell? You don't take any pleasure in attacking a normal-sized, hard-working girl who's set out to do nothing but be a positive role model? Sounds like there is just a touch of sanctimonious, self-righteous hatred going on here.

You read Ms. Grenfall's piece and think Chloe must be at least 450 pounds, rolling herself down the aisle and smooshing herself into an inappropriately-sized bikini.

Turns out fatty Chloe Marshall is 5-foot-10, 176 pounds.

Type that into the National Institute of Health BMI calculator and you get a reading of 25.3. The normal weight range is 18.5-24.9.

Yes, Chloe's 25.3 is over the "normal" limit but c'mon...

"A poster girl for diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, cancers and all the other devastating and potentially fatal health problems that are caused or exacerbated by obesity."


A little more research brought me to the fact that Ms. Grenfell is a health and diet "expert"--who just released her new book, "Crash Diet"--A book that teaches you to lose 7 pounds in 7 Days...

Ha! Methinks I'll take diet and health tips from the beauty queen, just this once. Go for it, Chloe! Here's to hoping she brings home the crown!


Lora said...

Are you kidding me? She is beautiful! That Grenfell lady needs a swift kick in her bony butt.

Heather said...

wow she is beautiful! I find it amusing that the sole reason she doesnt deserve it according to this Grenfell is becasue of her looks..and of course doenst mention anything else in regards to personality or accomplishments. Give me a break! That is exactly why girls like my sister puke after every meal and destroy their bodies, and for what?

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous. Grenfell needs an attitude adjustment... and probably needs to have a little meat on her old bones as well!

Healthy Pear said...

Great post CCC!
That is so awesome to see this gorgeous young girl competing! She is NOT fat by any standards. The BMI thing can sometimes be inacurate anyway. I loved all the research you did on her and the nasty critic. What a b**** she is. I hope her book fails miserably!

Cammy said...

This is *exactly* the sort of philosophy that took me from a size 11 at age 16 to a size 22 at age. Granted, I ate the food, but the ridiculous (and ill-informed) commentary by people like this "author" had me focused on all the wrong things at that age. This girl is curvy, not fat (at least not that I can tell from the photo), and she seems quite accomplished. Good for her! And for you, for sharing her story. Thank you!

Melissa said...

PRECISELY! When you google that asshat, her qualifications are:
Monica is an expert in diet, weight loss (including celebrity diet) and is a specialist in the 20th century social history of diet trends.

Seriously THOSE are qualifications?! celeb diets and social history of diets?! lmfao!

She's a nobody...with a book to sell!

Anonymous said...

Wow found your blog through belly. What an interesting story. People are so hateful and rude, I would do anything to look like this girl. She looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

What a great post. There will always be "critics" of girls who aren't size 0 and barfing up every other meal to "maintain" their stick figures. Thank God some people know better.

Dawn said...

Miss Chloe is a beauty!! It is shocking what people will say. Thanks for sharing this story. What a great role model Chloe is.