Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back home, back to my routine...

So it's been a rough week. Had to go away for a week for work and let's just is really, really good to be home.

On my last business trip, I lost complete control of myself. Ate whatever I wanted, didn't set foot in a gym, gained three (okay, maybe four) pounds. It was a diet disaster of the grandest proportions.

So you can imagine how nervous I was about the prospect of another business trip. One that I knew would last a week. But I trained with Ms. A the day before I left and upon researching the hotel discovered it had a 24-hour gym.

I felt good going in. Good that minutes after checking in, I was sweating away on a treadmill, good that the gym had free weights, machines, and resistance bands--all the equipment I use with Ms. A. It was great.

Until I got to the first work event and noticed the meal. Salad drenched in dressing, creamy mashed potatoes, rice pilaf and fried fish with buckets of tartar sauce. I went with the portion control theory here...but the next day, my choices were chicken parmesan and cheese tortellini in a cream sauce. Oh boy.

Needless to say, I ended up in the gym every day of my trip but one. I told myself, "If I can't eat the healthy stuff I want, I need to exercise extra hard."

As a result--came home today, weighed myself and I maintained. I'll take it.

Especially since the day before my trip, I went shopping for a few business-friendly outfits...and two weeks with Ms. A have already brought me down a size.


Healthy Pear said...

Wow! Good for you! You did the best you could and came back without a gain. I don't think you could ask for more.
Congrats on the new dress size! That's so awesome! :)

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Down a size? Wohoo..Ms. A is kickin your booty!

Heather said...

well first, congrats on the new size, that is awesome! your hard work is paying off. Im glad you are seeing results. and dont worry about feeling lose on these trips..usually that happens to me when my routine is upset. whenever I go to visit my parents I find myself wanting to snack more and order worse things for myself when Im there that I never would here and its because Im out of my element and in that "vacation" mode. not that that is how you felt, it seems like in some situations you couldnt control what you were eating, and I thikn you did the best you could. now that you have experienced this, I bet you can think of a lot of things you can do the next time around to make it moer successful. learn from it!