Monday, October 8, 2007

Picadillo peccadillo

Like every good Cuban girl, I like my food starchy and greasy.

Which is why one of my grandmother's specialties--picadillo--is one of my absolute, all-time favorite meals. Basically, picadillo is seasoned ground beef. You sautee some onions, peppers with ground beef; toss in some dry cooking wine, tomato sauce, raisins, olives and capers and viola...after 30 minutes of simmering, you've got yummy meaty goodness.

Serve it atop some steamed rice and boy oh'll make CCC very, very happy.

Even though I've learned to make picadillo with some lower-fat ingredients (ground turkey anyone?), I have to admit. It just doesn't taste as good as the beef version.

Since joining WW, I've tried to limit my consumption of picadillo. Sure, I know I can have it and I know I can work it into my plan, but picadillo is a trigger food for me. For some reason or another, all that greasy goodness makes me lightheaded and I can't stop with one serving. So needless to say, I try not to enjoy it too often.

This quest was made even easier over the past few months because my beloved rice cooker (a staple in a Cuban girl's kitchen!) broke. I've been so busy running around I didn't have a chance to shop around for a new one.

But today, I woke up craving picadillo. I also had a coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond for 20% off a single item...and it expires in a day. Sooo...I bought us a new rice cooker. We needed one anyway. But I didn't need the other thing I bought--some super lean ground beef.

As I cooked, the intoxicating smell filled the condo. My mouth started watering. I couldn't wait for Mr. CCC to get home so I could sit down and eat my yummy yummy meal. Sure, I knew I'd go over my points for the day, but hey--that's what flex points were for. As long as I weighed everything out, I'd be fine.

All went according to plan. Sat down with Mr. CCC for dinner, and yes, my picadillo was as good as I remembered. The new rice cooker made the rice so fluffy and perfect, with every bite, I felt like I'd just discovered heaven.

I enjoyed every bite and sat there satisfied...knowing I'd counted my incredible dinner and wouldn't indulge again for a few weeks. But as soon as I cleared the plates and went to the kitchen I was smacked in the face with reality, also known as....LEFTOVERS! EEP!

There was still a good cup and a half of rice left. Maybe about another cup and a half of picadillo. I grabbed some containers from the cabinet and began shoveling the leftovers Mr. CCC could have it for lunch of course.

But just looked so good and it was still so warm. So I took another bite. And another. And another.

As I shoved every spoonful into my mouth, I asked myself, "Why are you doing this? Standing alone in the kitchen, hiding from Mr. CCC? You know if you really wanted more, you'd serve yourself and go back to the table. But you won't DO that, because then Mr. CCC will know you served yourself AGAIN. And you know, don't have all the points for this extra food. What the heck are you doing this for????"

But it didn't matter. I. kept. eating.

I finally made myself stop and thankfully, there was still quite enough for Mr. CCC's lunch. My stomach felt so bloated and full and was just in a general state of "ugh" that I felt not only guilty, but physically sick.


I'm not going to waste any more time being upset over this incident. I counted the (extra) points for my little kitchen "incident" and have a workout planned tomorrow morning that will help me move forward. But I did learn my lesson.

I still am not ready to have picadillo. It goes into the pile with my other trigger foods--chocolate chip cookies, cookie dough, and pizza. At this point in my journey, I just can't eat those foods in the portions they should be eaten.

So for a while, picadillo, you and I must part ways.

I'm going to blame this whole episode on the new rice cooker. Seriously. I can't eat picadillo without rice and the only acceptable way to make rice in my kitchen is in a rice cooker. So had I not bought the rice cooker...this would never, ever have happened! :)


Teale said...

I have certain trigger foods too that I just cannot allow myself to have right now. I don't feel deprived without them, because there are lots of tasty healthy things that I can eat that don't leave me feeling like I'm going to pop when I'm done.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I love picadillos (sans the raisin, extra green olives), but it's not a trigger food for me.

Tostones. Now THOSE are dangerous. Fortunately, everyone else in my family is wild about them, so no one tends to get more than a couple, three tops, before they disappear. :D

Ah, you gave me a picadillo craving. BAD, BAD CCC. :)

The Princess

Heather said...

lol I love this post, because that has been me too many times to count, in the kitchen sneaking food! I agree though, there are certain foods I would love to eat again, but I dont think I could handle them yet. I am glad that this incident made you realize that. I hope you enjoyed it and as long as you counted it, you are all good.

Shannon said...

Of course! It's the rice cooker's fault! Silly cooker.......what were you thinking!!! Next time, just kick his steaming rear end and move on! haha

Hey, we all have those moments from time to time. You have the right attitude.....just keep moving in the right direction!! :-)

Lora said...

Somedays it seems like ALL foods are triggers for me!

Now what is a rice cooker?? I've always wondered.

R.E. said...

I done the "hide in the kitchen and eat the leftovers quick!" thing more times than I can count. But, hey, you made it through, thought the thing through, and wrote about it. All to the good. You will probably think of this episode next time temptation rears its starchy, fatty face and resist. :) Hang in there.

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Lora said...

CCC ~ Where have you been? I miss reading your blog. I hope you're not becomeing too discouraged! We CAN do this you know!