Thursday, June 7, 2007

Yay...and nay.

If you've been reading my ramblings for a bit now, you've got to know I'm a certified Chocoholic.

I love love love chocolate. I'm addicted to chocolate. Mr. CCC loves to giggle every night because before I go to bed, I must have some sort of chocolate, with skim milk.

So you can imagine my delight when last week, I made a stop at Walgreen's to buy some water before working out and saw a box of these so-called, "100-Calorie Brownies" made by Glennys. (You can find 'em at

Intrigued? You bet I was.

And I bet a lot of other people were too because there were only three left. I bought two.

That night as bedtime rolled around, I figured it was time to try. At 100 calories and with 7 grams of fiber, the WW pointage was not bad at all.

Well guess what--neither was the taste! No, it's not your typical ooey-gooey fudgey goodness that you'd get from a fancy bakery or even a Betty Crocker box but it was good. (It doesn't have all the calories and fat those have either, if that's any consolation!) And well worth the 2 points I spent on 'em.

Absolutely perfect with a cup of skim milk. It wasn't too sweet and just chocolatey enough. Even borderline-cakey. I could totally imagine warming it in the microwave and dropping a dollop of vanilla ice cream on it...

I ended up finding a health store near my WW meeting that also carried them, so I bought more. And the health store also carried the Glenny's blondies. Well count me in for those too...

Hate to report the blondie (Which is only 1 point) is not as good as the brownie. In fact, I took one bite and spit it out. It tasted like nothing, absolutely nothing. And the texture was downright gross. I threw the whole thing away, tossed the other one I bought and dug into a brownie instead.

So Glenny's gets a thumbs-up for the brownie and an EWWW YUCK! for the blondie.

Chocoholics, enjoy!!

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aydin said...

Thanks for the review! Fiber-rich brownies. Who knew? :)