Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm not doing that again!

Nine weeks on Weight Watchers, 9.8 pounds down. 23.5 total since I first started to trying to lose weight last year.

Not too shabby, huh?

I've been making progress. I'm exercising. I'm loving my new healthy habits.

So can someone tell me why for the past two days I've put nothing but junk into my body? Pizza, cheeseburgers, movie popcorn. Just looking at the words makes me shudder. (My only consolation is that I exercised twice during this binge-fest so there is one positive...)

Actually, maybe two.

In all truth, while I've eaten junk, I've done it according to my weight-loss plan. I haven't gone over my points and I've made far better choices than I was making nine weeks ago. Yes, I had a cheeseburger, but I passed on the fries. Yes, I had pizza. But it was a thin-crust pie topped with veggies. Not the deep-dish, extra cheese, extra meat extravaganza I was "enjoying" before.

So yes, better choices overall and I'm proud of myself for making them, but let's not kid ourselves. Weight Watchers gives you flexibility and the option to eat whatever you like--in moderation--but I don't think it's supposed to be two days of buttery popcorn, cheeseburgers and pizza. In those two days, I've had one healthy meal, thanks Applebee's. But one healthy meal in 48 hours?


To drive the point home, my body rebelled. In a big way.

When we got home from the movies last night, my stomach was topsy-turvy. I was nauseous. All that grease hit my stomach like a ton of bricks. It's been a few hours since I still feel a little "off."

I truly believe our bodies respond to what we give them. When I gave it junk, it wanted more junk. Before I was trying to lose weight, multiple McDonald's and Taco Bell runs were not unusual. No wonder the pounds came flying on. But for the past two months, I've been giving my body the good stuff.

Veggies. Lean meats. Fruits. I've measured my portion sizes. I've cut back on desserts and alcohol. Yes, I know I can enjoy them--and I have--just in moderation I didn't have before. My body got used to the good stuff and when I gave it junk, it wasn't happy. I wouldn't wish this stomachache on anyone.

Lesson learned.

And ultimately, isn't this what this journey is all about? I didn't want the junk, but because I didn't plan well, it was the easiest option for me and I took it. The pizza came after a late night at work where I didn't want to cook. And because it was pouring rain, Mr. CCC and I weren't in the mood to go anywhere. Pizza delivery it was. The cheeseburger? Scarfed down while driving from one errand to another.

But I also know part of me wanted the food. I could've had a grilled chicken sandwich instead of the burger, right? And I didn't need the popcorn at the movies. I wanted it...

Fortunately, after this stomach ache, I don't think I'm going to be wanting the junk anymore. I think actually I'm going to go out of my way to avoid it. Progress...not perfection.

I'm happy that this morning, while Mr. CCC scarfed down some cold leftover pizza, I had my healthy breakfast. I've been drinking gallons upon gallons of water to try and flush the junk out of my system. I'll get to work out again in the morning.

I'm doing my best to move forward and maybe this weekend is exactly what I needed. Mr. CCC and I leave for Hawaii on Friday. At this time next week, we'll be on a cruise ship. Surrounded by food and I'm going in knowing my body is not going to be happy if I don't take care of it.

I'd rather have learned that lesson here, than to have a nasty tummy ache on our dream trip. So let's move on. Let's keep going. And let's remember what two days of junk can do.

(And for the record--I found a quasi-flattering, rather stylish bathing suit this week...all hail the swimsuit pros at Nordstrom. Woo hoo!)


aydin said...

It's def hard to break out of that junk food habit. It's too quick & easy. You are making progress, ccc. Stay positive!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Yay, you found a nice suit!

YOu know, I think we all go through those, "I'm tired to making trips to the market and planning every meal ahead and yadda."

But, yeah, that's what it takes. Keeping stocked, planning, and so forth.

But you showed that you're not just making weight loss progress--YAY, YOU!--but you really ARE learning to moderate. You didn't binge. YOu ate crap, but ate moderate amounts of crap, instead of a mountain of it.

From where I sit, that's a sort of victory.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Hawaii. Think of all that nice fresh grilled food and pineapple and fresh fruits. Mmmmmm.


Lora said...

Hawaii will be so wonderful! I've always dreamed of going there!