Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lost and Found

Bet you thought I was exaggerating, didn't you?

You thought, "Oh CCC! You're not nearly as busy as you think! You'll find time to exercise! You'll keep eating right. You'll stay on track. You're just psyching yourself out..."

My worst fears about time management concerns came crashing down over the past few days. But the good thing is, somehow, I am still stumbling through.

Has my eating been perfect since I last posted? Nope. Has it been disastrous? Nope. Am I still finding my way through a new schedule that has me stumbling home past midnight a couple times a week? You bet!

After coming home from work Friday night (err, morning) at 2, when the alarm clock rang at 9 a.m. for my WW meeting, I hit snooze. When it rang again at 10 so Mr. CCC and I could get ourselves together to head down to Miami to watch my beloved Hurricanes play, I hit snooze again. The lack of sleep caught up with me. (But fear not--Mr. CCC drives like a bat out of hell and we made it on time to the game, whew ;)

But it wasn't just my lack of sleep that wreaked havoc on my life over the past week...last Sunday when Mr. CCC and I went to my mother's for dinner I left my WW books and journals sitting in her living room. Yipes! The old me would have tried to "measure in my head" and probably would have failed...but thank heavens for online tools--I looked up all the point values for everything I ate and logged everything in the notes section of my planner.

Woo hoo for baby steps.

I got a reward of sorts today at the doctor's office--according to their scale, I'm down a pound. I was pretty excited about that, though I'm trying to contain my excitement...that's not my regular scale and who knows how calibrated it is, but either way, it felt good to know that despite the challenges I've faced in the past week and a half, my weight loss efforts haven't gone to hell in a handbasket.

I'm a few days away from being back on the scale officially, and I'm doing whatever I can whenever I can to keep myself on track...planning meals, journaling, squeezing in workouts whenever possible (including Labor Day!)

But I have to admit--I hate the lack of structure. I'm definitely flying by the seat of my pants here and the control freak in me isn't happy.

Just. Have. To. Keep. Plugging.


sandy said...

Oh, CCC! I'm just caching up after my recent fall off of the face of the earth. Sounds like you're freaking out! Hang on! I know things will get less bumpy and more manageable. Turbulence sucks, but you will triumph! What's your new incentive?


Livy said...

Good on you for not using leaving your books behind as an excuse to eat whatever you like.
You are doing really well. I know life is tough right now time wise, but you deserve to have a sleep in. Remember, sleeping is good for weightloss!!

Lora said...

I'm just catching up too! Try to make sure you get some zzz's - thers; a definate correlation between sleep and weight! I'll keep rooting for you!

Shannon said...

I just wanted to drop by and say GOOD JOB! It takes a LOT to keep going on a schedule like this so make sure you catch up on your Zzzz...'s as often as you can.

Go CCC!!!!