Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The High Cost of Being Healthy

This weekend, as Mr. CCC and I went through our expenses, I heard him sigh...

"I see you're back to Pilates?"

Considering it was Sunday evening, we were home balancing our checkbook and I wasn't dressed in my Pilates gear, I'm guessing he must have "seen" I was back in Pilates because he found the copy of the check I'd written to pay for my last class. I got a little rankled when he added, "I guess I have to add it back to our budget," in a tone that made it sound as if my $30 a week class was bleeding us dry.

I (politely) pointed out the only reason I'd taken a break from Pilates was because we'd gone to Hawaii and that I felt it was important for me to continue taking my weekly class so I'd be in better shape and continue on my healthy journey. I also pointed out (again, politely, lol!) that we're fortunate enough to be able to afford my Pilates class. Mr. CCC and I are blessed to each have good jobs that help us put food on our table, a roof over our heads, enjoy life and take the occasional Pilates class...

But the next day, I was struck again by money vs. health when I went to McDonald's for lunch.

Wait, wait, before you ask what I was doing at McDonald's for lunch, hold on...I have a good reason--their Southwest Salad with grilled chicken is YUMMY! And a not-horrible 9-points including dressing...

I ordered my salad and my bottled water and then heard my total--nearly $8. A glance up at the rest of the menu board showed me that a Big Mac, a large order of fries and a large sugary soda would have cost me half of my salad and water.

Doesn't seem right.

Again, I'm in a fortunate enough place to be able to get the healthy option, to pay for my salad, a gym membership, Pilates class and my Weight Watchers membership. But I know not everyone is. I know there are families struggling to put food on the table--and odds are, since processed, prepackaged food is cheaper, I'm sure they're eating more of that than the fresh veggies and lean meats you need in a healthy diet.

The more I thought about it, the more upset I got. We keep hearing about the obesity epidemic in this country, how kids are starting to develop diabetes at earlier and earlier ages, how the costs of all our health insurance is going to go up as people keep treating diseases caused by obesity. It's sad. Truly sad and just another one of those instances where we know and understand the system is letting us down.

Sure, not everyone can afford to drive a BMW or a shiny Lexus. And that's okay. But good, healthy food shouldn't be a luxury. There's just way too much at stake...

Oh...and a Dobie update...continue to keep us in your thoughts. His initial tests came back inconclusive. His first test didn't find traces of cancer, but doctors would like to do a biopsy to be 100% sure.

Our beloved pup is going to have some more tests Friday to see if he can even undergo a biopsy because of his heart condition. Keep sending us your positive thoughts and prayers!


Livy said...

I wrote a massive post on this exact topic not long back, have a scan through my older posts and you will find it.
I hope Dobie is ok. Inconclusive test results? What the the go with that?
My husband also gasped when I told him what my personal trainer is costing (which is about HALF other quotes I have had), and yet I have spend so much on other books, diets and fads, I am shocked he doens't realize that this could be the answer to my obesity. Men are shits at times. My husband just thinks I should "eat less and move more" and I'd be 'right'. If only it were so simple.

Chic Ink Designs said...

I've always been shocked that a bag of lettuce costs $2-$4 yet you can get 5 cans of fatty chef boyardee for like $3. Its maddening. Not only are we struggling to lose, but it costs a lot of money to eat the right/healthy way.

Sugar Girl Bakeshop said...

I almost freaked when my 4 day grocery bill was 70!!!! It's usually like $40. This is just for monday-thursday. Sigh. This is super crazy. And thankfully I can afford it too but it really makes no sense.