Saturday, May 26, 2007

I knew it was coming...

For seven weeks, my effort to lose weight has been nothing short of amazing. Good losses, positive changes. My mind was committed, my body was committed.

I was cruising along on a sea of weight loss bliss.

Well, the ship hit the rocks this morning.

You know how last week I blogged that I was expecting the weigher to ask why I had gained weight and she never did? Well...she asked today.

Up 1.4.

Can you say OUCH?

Even though for the most part, this has been a great week on program, this morning, I had a feeling I was in for it when my wedding rings, which have been happily moving around my fingers for about two weeks now, just wouldn't. Go. On. I pushed, and pushed and pushed and finally had to shove them on.

I knew at that moment that odds were, my weight was going to be up.

I know I'm probably retaining water. My period is due in a few days. I had a drink and some grilled shrimp last night. The last time I had grilled shrimp the night before a weigh-in, the number went up as well. So it may be a sodium thing, even though I know shrimp is healthy. It could be the fact that I've upped my workouts and my intensity and maybe my muscles are sore.

See? I have a million explanations.

Or, it could be that I haven't been following my plan the way I should be. Have I really journaled every point? Have I really weighed and measured everything? Have I really been pushing myself as hard as I thought in my workouts?

That's the thing about gaining weight--it forces you to stop and analyze things. To examine what you're doing and make sure you're really doing it right.

Instead of considering this gain a set-back, I'm viewing it as a chance to learn and to stop and think. And while yes, I was very disappointed with the number--AM very disappointed with the number--I know I have two options.

I can either keep pressing on and put this week behind me or I can quit and watch the number go up.

Quitting is just not an option right now. I won't let it become one. I'm going to use this upcoming week to really measure what I've done, to really analyze what I eat and I know the number will go down next week.

Without a doubt, it's not the progress I'd like to be making, but let's face it...I can't afford to stop trying.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

You're retaining.

I know what a difference retentin can make. I gained 4 pounds--FOUR--of water weight from one day to the next, and it was cause I had a really salty bowl of soup for lunch, followed by a really salty cup of chili at supper on Thursday. By Friday morning, I was swollen up. My rings were tight--like yours--and the scale added 4 pounds to the previous days.


So, this weekend, I'm trying to stay away from overly salted foods and let my kidney recover.

I think your post-period workout will be terrific. You wait.


aydin said...

Don't give up, ccc!
I used to think fluid retention was a joke, then I got pregnant. Trust me, it's real! ;)

Sarah said...

Its ok, commit yourself to losing what you gained this week and then some. we all have our slip-ups, the good thing is, you are willing to learn from your "mistakes".

Re-read your blogs, and find inspiration from your own words, cause trust me, they are very very motivating. :)

Melissa said...

ditto to 'once upon a dieter'. one stinking salty misstep and it spells disaster on the scale.

try to eat ALL of your pts this week. and keep on drinking your h2o. cause they say, the more you drink, the less you retain. ;) good luck this week woman.

like my friend abby told me when i had a shitty week... 'mama said there will be days like this'. when i heard that, i felt all better. i hope it makes you feel better too. :D